England, Hetalia, Pirate

Hellooooo Livejournal!!!

Well, thanks to some help from the great Hellzabeth, I've finally managed to post something on here!

Thus, I present to you (cosplay) pics from the wonderful world of the London MCM Expo:

My cosplays are a bit non-commital... A random ninja (vaguely inspired by Mamezo from 'Tsuki no Shippo'), a sort-of Eromes from 'Gin-Tama' and my personal fave, Pirate England of 'Axis Powers Hetalia'.

I'm not sure about the pic quality on here... Not sure how to put up a cut, so if you want to see more pics, or just these in better quality, check out my Facebook page: Amy Piratica Kirkland Hurst.

I'll be posting poems and fanfiction soon!